Fertility Kit

Fertility Kit

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Let mother nature plant the seed of fertility with the wondrous gemstones that help you not only to relax but to repair tissue and menstrual cycle to assist with pregnancy. 

With the combination of the grid and the gem soap, they help to unite the vibrations of the gemstones through the auric field before, during and after conception.

Please Note: 
All gemstones pictured are natural, therefore may be slightly larger/smaller and colour can vary, this has no impact on the energy that they emit.

Crystal grids are a very powerful energy tool to use, the combination of crystal energy and geometric patterns greatly strengthens the focused intention to manifest results much quicker. Combining the energy from crystals and sacred geometric patterns in grids is an excellent way to help. 

These framed crystal grids are the perfect compromise, wonderful for displaying in areas where space may be limited or where it would be in reach of children and animals. 

Each handmade grid is unique, please contact us if you would like a custom made grid created especially for you.

All grids come beautifully boxed ready for you and ideal for gifting.