Cathedral Amethyst Geode Cave
Cathedral Amethyst Geode Cave
Cathedral Amethyst Geode Cave

Cathedral Amethyst Geode Cave

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Say hello to our gorgeous cathedral geode, 
weighing in at a whopping 21KG!

Base Width: 23cm 
Middle Width: 17cm
Height: 56cm
Cave Depth: 13cm 

These unique Amethyst Cathedral Geodes were formed from the cavities left behind from hot volcanic gasses trapped in lava. Over the millennia silica dissolved in water seeped into these pockets and precipitated out to cause the formation of these crystalline beauties. 

Amethyst is a beautiful crystal for protection against psychic attacks and it's calming and soothing energy. Referred to as "Nature's Tranquiliser".

Amethyst geodes carry one of the strongest power to rid your home of negative energy, making them best to fill your home with. These crystals can be placed somewhere central in your house, so that the amethyst healing properties can radiate to every room.

You can benefit from using your Amethyst Geode cave as another method of charging and amplifying all your other crystals.

By placing your stones inside the cave, the geode will also work to help release lower and negative energies, whilst cleansing and charging your crystals.