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Angelz Secret

Protection & Grounding Crystal Kit

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Protection & Grounding  

 These tumblers help to provide protection, grounding, security & stability. Serving as an energetic shield for your Spirit & Life Force.

Four specially selected crystals, each one with their own specific metaphysical quality for their calming vibration and emotional balance.

 This pack is small enough to be by a bedside, pocket or under a pillow at night.

A pouch and information card giving the qualities of each stone is included.

Our readymade kits are complete with exactly the right stones, kits available for anxiety, grounding, protection, children, chakra balancing and much more.

Contact us if you would like a custom made kit created for you with a specific purpose. Crystals are energy and results will depend on your energy combining with the crystal energy.

** NOTE: Weights vary due to type and size of crystals
Crystals are never a substitute for professional medical advice. **