Crystal Lucky Dip
Crystal Lucky Dip

Crystal Lucky Dip

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What’s better than a lucky dip?  A Crystal Dip!

· 10 Gemstones to collect, each dip has 4 common, 3 uncommon, 2 rare and 1 super rare.

Opalite, Lepidolite, Black Onyx, Clear Quartz

Red Tigers Eye, Citrine, Lapis Lazuli

Amethyst Point, Malachite

Super Rare:
Small Cluster

Each Gemstone comes fully charged and cleansed with small description card included inside a green velvet keepsake bag.
The green bag will protect the stone from absorbing any low energy in transit keeping the stone protected and fully charged until it reaches its new owner.

*Crystals may vary in size and colour from image, lucky dip will be intuitively selected at random.*