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HEM - Dragons Blood Tall Incense Sticks

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Dragon’s 🐲 Blood Tall Incense Sticks - HEM

Longer & Thicker Sticks,
16 Inches tall for a longer burning time.

 These incense sticks come in a hexagonal box containing
10 x 16 inch sticks.

 Dragon’s Blood Incense is associated with love, protection, potency, and purification. Incense sticks, also known as agarbattis, are known to elevate moods. These sticks are reputed to aid meditation. However agarbattis are mainly associated with providing peace, tranquility, and of course freshness as it imbibes the essence of many traditional ingredients known to provide a soul soothing effect.

Dragon’s Blood is an ancient incense resin produced by several tropical trees, chiefly Dracaena draco and Dracaena cinnabari, as well as palms of the genus Daemonorops.

 These premium incense sticks are made in India, hand-rolled in India, and contain no animal ingredients, nor are they tested on animals.