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Angels Secret Gems

Nitiraj Platinum - Sandalwood - Natural Incense Sticks

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These beautiful all natural incense will allure you with their fragrances that will keep you coming back again and again. These incense sticks is a slow burning incense, each stick burns for approximately 1 hour !!
Each packet is 25 grams, containing approximately 18-20 sticks of incense.
That is approximately 18-20 hours of burn time!!
A fair trade product handcrafted in India using sustainable natural ingredients.

Indian sandalwood with its uniquely sweet, woodsy fragrance transports you to the temples of India.

These incense is made in the traditional method of combining natural resins, herbs, aromatic oils and honey to produce fragrances that smell divine and burn very slowly.
Nitiraj Platinum Incense is available in several fragrances options like English Rose, Frankincense, Ganesh, Goddess, Kama Sutra, Lavender, Meditation, Nirvana, Dragons Blood, Om, Patchouli, Prosperity, Sandalwood & White Sage.