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Spiritual Forest

Rudraksha Om Brass Bells

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7.5CM X 25CM
Rudraksha Om Bells are used throughout India and many parts of the world in ritual worship as a means to summon the presence of God.
Each brass bell features four rudraksha beads hanging from the Om symbol. Om is the cosmic sound of the universe; the sound of all sounds, the origin and the end of being, and the first and last word of creation.
According to Hindu tradition, everything in the manifested universe originated from Om. When Om bells are combined with powerful features, like rudraksha beads, they unlock the universe's energy and allow you to connect with it on a higher level.
Wind Chime
A popular feng shui cure, wind chimes are used to balance the energies that surround you. They’re extremely protective as they ward off unwanted visitors, ill omens, and various types of negative energy.
Wind chimes’ sweet melodies are created by the gentlest touch, or breeze, creating a hypnotic song that reaches deep within your soul. These peaceful sounds will bring an abundance of prosperity into your life and will spread positivity and serenity throughout your entire home. In today's high-pressure world, it's more important than ever to decorate your sacred space with soothing items that encourage you to recharge.
Wind chimes are also known to purify the air around you. This helps increase your luck and provides you with a fresh start to welcome in new intentions and positive energies. Metal wind chimes, like our om bells, are perfect for attracting good fortune for homes and offices.
Placing wind chimes at the entrance of your home or office provides protection against unwanted visitors and energy while hanging them at the back door will help prevent good chi from leaving your sacred space. However, if you decide to hang them near a fan or open window then they'll help circulate the positive energy in your home.
A hard material, each Rudraksha bead is identified by the number of “faces” or “mouths” (called mukhis in Sanskrit). These are the furrows that run the length of each seed, dividing it into sections.
Worn extensively through India by Sadhus, Gurus, and ascetics, rudraksha beads have become the representation of eastern faiths today. For thousands of years, they’ve been used as an important spiritual tool to protect the wearer’s energy.
Rudraksha beads act as a shield against negative energies, especially when you’re in an environment that’s not healthy for your mind, body, or spirit. They're also perfect to take with you when you travel because they create a cocoon of protective energy around your body.
When you explore new places, you might notice that you become more restless at night and aren't able to sleep. This is because the energy of that place doesn't resonate with your soul, so it won't let you settle.
However, if you keep rudraksha beads by your side, you'll be able to stabilise your mind, body, and spirit.