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Spiritual Forest

Sacred Elements - Mugwort & White Sage Incense Sticks

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Weight per pack: 15 grams (approx. 8 sticks)

Sacred Elements Mugwort and White Sage is a premium quality masala incense made by Shabro. These are smudging incense sticks, made with traditional ingredients that have long been used for purification, healing and ceremonial purposes.

White sage can cleanse all negative energies and mugwort can help combat fatigue. Together they make a powerful purifying and energising incense that has a very nice fragrance.

The whole Sacred Elements range is definitely worth a try if you care about cleansing and clearing your space and you are looking to explore the world of smudging incense. Eco-friendly packaging and made from all natural ingredients.

This combination has earned respect as the Soul Sutra & is often used to keep work inspired. The Sacred Elements range is about cleansing and clearing your space, eco-friendly packaging and made from all-natural ingredients. 

This high-quality incense is made in India.