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Spiritual Forest

Selenite Charging 🌙 Moon Bowl Large

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$50.00 AUD
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$50.00 AUD
Approximate Size: 12x5x3.5cm

These are stock photos from which you will be intuitively selected a similar piece.
These are handcrafted from the highest quality  💎  selenite from Morocco and may have slight imperfections. Selenite is a very soft 'stone' and there may be slight inconsistencies.
This beautiful Selenite moon charging bowl amplifies the energy of all stones and can be used to cleanse them. Also will bring an added dose of harmony and balance into your life.
As Selenite is self cleansing and it is a very high vibrational crystal it has extra energy to give it uses this to uplift other crystals. Selenite is a powerful crystal and energy tool to have in your home and office. It has the ability to clear, shield and protect the energy of your space. It unblocks negative, stuck or stagnant energy to promote an environment of free flowing, positive energy.