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Angelz Secret

Unicorn Crystal Sun Catcher

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$12.00 AUD
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$12.00 AUD

Unicorn 🦄 Crystal Suncatcher

Length: 21cm

This beautiful laser cut unicorn is completed with a shimmering glass crystal, place this catcher near a window and watch your personal rainbow 🌈 appear as the 🌞 sun catches and reflects the different coloured crystals, creating lovely light refraction all around the room.

Turning your suns rays into rainbows for days. 🌈

Hanging 21cm from top of the silver hook
to bottom of the crystal ball.

Unicorn 🦄: 8cm

Lovely addition to a baby’s room.

Crystal Suncatchers are able to radiate light into the home and create a beautiful rainbow 🌈